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In Game Features 7.20.14

Head Coach B.J. O'Hara Weekly Conference Call Quotes

On the backup goalie Charlie Cipriano’s role in the team’s 13-10 win over the Florida Launch
“Obviously that was a contingency that we had talked about before the game. [Goalie] Jesse [Schwartzman] was coming off a long two weeks where he played awfully well and helped the United States get to the championship game. Given the heartbreak of the result for the US players, we left it up to him and he told us that he wanted to try to help the team and wanted to get in there and start. We didn’t know what to expect. He was just not himself, understandably. Charlie knew going in that there was a chance that this could be the scenario and he was ready to go and particularly before halftime he made some huge saves. We were down 8-5 and it could have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for Charlie. Early in the second half I thought the guys settled down a bit and starting shooting better. I thought we were a little bit antsy shooting the ball in the first half and missed some that we typically would have had and [Florida Launch goalie] Brett Queener made some big saves for them. Once some of those shots started to fall we got gathered a bit and got it going our way.”

On the importance and versatility of Jeremy Sieverts
“I think any team in the league would be glad to have him. We’re just glad he’s wearing an Outlaws jersey. He does everything well. He competes hard, he’s got good size and speed, he’s athletic—he’s a tremendous competitor. We’ve a got a lot of confidence in his ability to put the ball in and play the goalie from anywhere. He works hard on it during the week. Having him put in a two-pointer at a critical point in the game and give us the lead for the first time was huge and lifted the whole team up.”

On facing Ohio with playoff scenarios at stake
“Again, I’m sure all the coaches have said at this time of the year you’ve just got to take care of your own business, you can’t worry about what other people have at stake. We have a lot of stake and had a lot at stake this past weekend. We do again this week against a very much improved Ohio team. What went on in May (the first time the teams played each other) I don’t think has a lot of bearing on what’s going to happen this week. Both teams have changed their shape dramatically in terms of personnel and what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. It’s going to be a battle and like every game in the MLL, you’ve got to go into it expecting it to go down to the wire. The teams that function and make plays late in the game—they’re the ones that usually come away with the victory. That’s kind of how our approach has been. The games where we have come up short we were in them right to the end but just didn’t complete them. The close ones that we’ve won, that’s what we’ve done. I think that’s your mindset, you’ve got to expect to battle right to the end.”

On the toughens of playing on the road in the MLL and the team’s final three-game road stretch
“That’s a great point. We know going into the season that we’ve got to try to get as many wins as we can as early as we can, knowing that we have several critical games on the road at the end of the season. You try to get to town early, you try to get a good workout in the night before. You get a good walkthrough in and try to keep your routine as best you can. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that a lot of our players are coming from the east, so it’s almost less travel for them for some of these games than when they go out to Denver for home games. We have our hands full. I think it’s going to be a nice crowd with most of them rooting against us, that’s life in the MLL.”

On John Grant Jr.’s mindset for the game Sunday after being unable to compete for Team Canada in 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championships
“As you can imagine, when he got the news that his waiver had been denied—and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. He never didn’t pass a drug test or anything like that, he never had to take a drug test. He was forthright and applied for a waiver knowing that the medical protocol he was following could be an issue. Seeing him after the game Saturday night when they won the World Championship—he was grinning from ear-to-ear. I think he was over the fact that he was playing and he was just glad that he was able to contribute as a coach and an advisor to the gold medal. He came into the locker room on Sunday with a look in his eyes that he was going to have a special day and he really did. He’s a great team leader, he’s obviously a very good player. One of the things that got us to engineer that trade is the fact that he has won so many championships and been involved in so many championships at so many different levels. We’re hoping that that kind of spirit that he brings can help get us to where we’d like to be.”

On the scuffle between teams at the end of the Outlaws-Launch game and whether Chris O’Dougherty will be benched by the team for his involvement
“No, no, no. It was tough game. [Florida Launch attackman] Casey [Powell] dove—was trying to make a play—and dove into the crease and made contact with our goalie. Charlie actually ended up getting stitches in his head from that contact. Chris just stepped in trying to protect his goalie. They just both got in it with each other. I don’t think anything too extreme came from it. The officials handled it perfectly. I haven’t heard anything from the league office so I assume it was adjudicated there and then and on we go.”

On the play of faceoff guys Anthony Kelly and Brent Hiken
“Anthony knows that he’s going to be a key factor for us going down the stretch. He was mentally and physically ready and he had a great game against [Launch FOGO] Chris Mattes who has won his share of faceoffs. He got us some key possessions, got us several possessions in a row. Then we have the ability to bring another look out there in Brent Hiken. He took the first one down and scored a goal, made the coaches look like geniuses (laughs). It just gives (Kelly) a little break. Brent can play in this league, he’s got a good future in this league if he can hang in and keeps working. I think having two faceoff guys is a bit of a risk sometimes when you dress them because you’re going to have to give somebody else up positionally—one of your runners. But we knew it was going to hot and it was very hot, but that was the way we wanted to go for this game with two faceoff guys dressed.”

On if he’ll continue to dress both faceoff guys or if it’s a week-to-week decision

“It will be week-to-week. We kind of look at sometimes we’ll even bring them in for practice and not even really decide until gameday. We try not to do too much of that but that’s basically what we did this week, we brought them both in not knowing if we were going to use both or not. We decided that given the heat and the situation that we’d do it that way. To be honest with you I don’t know what we’re going to do this week yet. But if we are fortunate enough to make the playoffs, in the past we were able to dress an extra player. I’m not sure if that’s going to be the case this year with the (playoff) games a week a part. Those are things every coach has to wrestle with each week—how many faceoff guys, how many short stick d-middies, how many attackmen. You can’t have them all, unfortunately.” 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 11 Highlights

Check out the highlights from the Week 11 win over the Florida Launch on Sunday, July 20th.

Faceoff Classic Winners

Last weekend, the Outlaws held the inaugural Outlaws Academy Faceoff Classic presented by US Bank. Thank you to all of the teams who participated and congrats to the tournament winners! \

U13 Winners- Stampede

U11 Winners- DoCoU11

U9 Winners- DoCo U9

Monday, July 21, 2014

Infographic 7/20 vs. Launch

Charlie Cipriano Named Warrior Defensive Player of the Week

DENVER —Major League Lacrosse (MLL) announced Denver Outlaws backup goalie Charlie Cipriano as Week 11’s Warrior Defensive Player of the Week on Monday in recognition of his performance in Denver’s win over the Florida Launch yesterday.

Cipriano came in early in the second quarter when the Launch led 7-5 to relieve starting goalie Jesse Schwartzman, who had played the previous night in the 2014 FIL World Championships.

Cipriano had 11 saves on 14 shots faced, allowing only three goals in 38:52 of play, for a career-high .786 save percentage. He was named Coca-Cola Player of the Game for his performance.

The backup goalie now has 35 saves and a .530 save percentage on the season in five games played.

Denver’s win over Florida ensures that the Outlaws will have their ninth winning season in as many years as a franchise. Denver’s 9-of-9 (1.000) winning seasons is tops in Major League Lacrosse for all franchises.

This marks the fourth time this season a Denver Outlaw has been named Warrior Defensive Player of the Week. Earlier this season Schwartzman garnered the honor (Weeks 3 and 8), and defenseman Lee Zink also was recognized for his Week 7 play and given the honor.

The Denver Outlaws return to action Saturday, July 26 at 4:30 p.m. EDT on the road at the Ohio Machine.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coach B.J. O'Hara Postgame Interview

Charlie Cipriano Postgame Interview


DENVER — The Denver Outlaws (8-3) scored six straight goals to close out their 13-10 comeback victory over the Florida Launch (4-7) Sunday afternoon at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. The win ensures that the Outlaws will have their ninth winning season in as many years as a franchise. Denver’s 9-of-9 (1.000) winning seasons is tops in Major League Lacrosse for all franchises.

The Launch led 10-6 before the Outlaws scored seven unanswered points to secure a win in their last home game of the season. Backup goalie Charlie Cipriano relieved starter Jesse Schwartzman early in the second quarter and finished the night with 11 saves on 14 shots on goal, for a career-high .786 save percentage.

Four Outlaws dressed for the game straight off of competition in the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championships—gold medalists John Grant Jr. and Cam Holding from Team Canada, and Lee Zink and Jesse Schwartzman from Team USA.

The Launch scored three goals, all from Kieran McArdle, to start the game 3-0, before Chris Bocklet scored off a Jeremy Sieverts assist to get the Outlaws on the board.

Rookie faceoff specialist Brent Hiken won the following faceoff and took it straight to the goal, for his first Major League Lacrosse goal. Grant Jr. and Holding added goals in the first quarter to tie it up at 4-4 heading into the second.

Florida took an 8-5 lead into the half and extended that lead to 10-6 in the third quarter before Denver’s seven unanswered points behind three goals from Grant Jr., a goal apiece from Chris Bocklet and Drew Snider, and a two-pointer from Sieverts.

Sieverts now has seven two-pointers on the season, which leads the MLL. Sieverts’ seven two-pointers are more than any MLL team, except for the Chesapeake Bayhawks (7).

The Denver Outlaws return to action next Saturday, July 26 at 4:30 p.m. EDT on the road at the Ohio Machine.

Game Notes:
·        With the win, the Outlaws are guaranteed their ninth winning season in as many years as a team. Their 9-of-9 (1.00) winning seasons are a league best.
·        Charlie Cipriano had a career-high .786 save percentage (11-14).
·        Rookie faceoff specialist Brent Hiken scored his first career MLL goal.
·        John Grant Jr. has scored a goal in all nine games he’s played this season. He finished the night with four goals and two assists.

·        Sieverts scored his 20th career two-pointer as an Outlaw. Sieverts has more two-point goals this season (7) than every team except for the Chesapeake Bayhawks (7). 

Live Blog: Denver vs. Florida, July 20, 1:00 p.m. MT

The Outlaws will be live blogging this afternoon's game against the Florida Launch. The game starts at 1:00 p.m. MT and can be watched live on CBS Sports Network.

Today marks two years since the Aurora shooting, we will have a moment of silence in remembrance before the National Anthem.

1st quarter:

  • Jesse Schwartzman will start in goal for the Outlaws.
  • Launch score first, 1-0.
  • 2-0 Launch, two goals in a row for Kieran McArdle.
  • Hat trick for McArdle. 3-0 Launch.
  • Incredible goal by Chris Bocklet on an assist from Jeremy Sieverts. 3-1.
  • Rookie FOGO Brent Hiken wins the faceoffs and takes it straight to the goal for his first MLL goal. 3-2 Florida.
  • John Grant Jr. with his first goal of the night. All tied up at 3-3.
  • Big shot by Drew Snider, but a save by Florida's Brett Queener.
  • Launch regain the lead, 4-3, on a Steven Brooks goal with 3 minutes left.
  • Gold medalist Cam Holding with the Outlaws goal to tie it up at 4-4.
2nd quarter:
  • Incredible defensive play by Matt Bocklet, causes a turnover that's scooped up by Lee Zink.
  • Two-point goal for the Launch, scored by Brooks.
  • Another McArdle goal, 7-4 Florida.
  • Another goal for Cam Holding, his second of the day. 7-5 Launch.
  • Change in goal, Charlie Cipriano now in net for the Outlaws.
  • Two huge saves by Cipriano.
  • Florida goal by Cunningham, 8-5 Florida.
  • Halftime: Florida 8, Denver 5.
3rd quarter:
  • Drew Snider scores early in the third for the Outlaws. 8-6 Florida.
  • Power-play goal for Florida. 9-6.
  • Junior with his second goal of the night, cuts Florida lead to 10-7.
  • Back-to-back goals for Junior, and he has a hat trick for the game. 10-8 Florida.
  • Chris Bocklet GOAL. 10-9 Florida.
4th quarter
  • Two-point goal Jeremy Sieverts. That is 2-pointer No. 20 as an Outlaw for Sieverts. Denver has its first lead of the night 11-10.
  • Snider with his second of the night and that is five straight goals for Denver! 12-10 Outlaws. 
  • Junior with his FOURTH goal of the night. 13-10 with 2:30 left.
  • FINAL: Outlaws 13, Launch 10.