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Denver Outlaws MLL Championship Quotes


On the 2014 MLL Championship being a “rematch” of the 2008 MLL Championship between Denver and Rochester
“No (laughs), it’s definitely not a rematch. There are very few people on either side that were involved in that game. [attackman] John [Grant Jr.] was with Rochester then, I think maybe [goalie] Jesse [Schwartzman] and [defenseman] Lee Zink are the only ones left that were wearing the Denver uniform that day. This is an entirely different scenario. Two entirely different teams. It’s more of a rematch with the teams that played each other this season and split and now we get a chance to play a third time.”

On if the way he’s preparing the team for this weekend differs from the rest of the season
“No. It’s business as usual. The last thing you want to do is upset your routine. We always watch a lot of film. We have the ability to get clips to all of our guys via email, as I’m sure Rochester does too. We’ve had a chance to watch a number of their games. We watched our most recent games, that were all broken down component-by-component. I think in that regard they should be as well-prepared as ever.”

On the Championship being played at a neutral site
“Well, you know, I think the hope for both teams is that there’s a crowd that is engaged and excited and creates some energy in the stands. I think that’s something that we’re all hoping for. It was nice to have a home game but I think for the Championship game having a neutral site is probably the fair thing to do. We’re hoping we can win some of those fans over that maybe don’t know us so well and I’m sure Rochester feels the same way.”

On what he key matchup for Saturday is
“I think the team that can get the most points. It’s a game of runs, as we all know. Each team is going to have their moments. I think that the team that’s maybe struggling at one point during the game, if they can collect themselves and right the ship, so to speak, that’s going to be the key thing. I think take it back to last year, Charlotte came at us pretty hard in the semis. We expected that they would, they were playing well at the time. I didn’t think we handled it real well as a team. We panicked a little bit and dug ourselves an awfully big whole. We got back in it late, but it took a lot of energy to get back. We certainly want to avoid that kind of pattern.”

On veterans John Grant Jr. and Rochester’s Kevin Leveille and what Junior brings to the team
“Obviously [Junior and Rochester’s Kevin Leveille] are two of very finest left-handed attackman to have ever played in Major League Lacrosse. They play every different styles. John is able to do a lot in terms of scoring goals, but he also distributes the ball very well. John is a very creative player, he’s not a very traditional attackman. He has the Canadian box style that he uses—takes a little getting used to for the other guys because he’ll throw it behind his back, between the legs, and they have to be ready. But the biggest thing John had brought to us is that experience—championship experience—his leadership in the dressing room. He’s a lot of fun to be around. He’s got a real playful personality. But when it’s crunch time he knows when it’s time to get serious. I know that’s what we’ll get from him this week. He will be calm and reassuring to all the other guys that maybe haven’t been in this position as many times as he has.”

On Junior’s 7-point performance last week against New York
“First of all, it wasn’t easy for him. [New York Lizards defenseman] Steve Holmes did a great job on him and he played him hard. John’s teeth were rattling a few times on some of those checks that Holmes was laying on him. But he kept his poise. He wanted the ball at the end. He made that [game-winning] play to [midfielder Jeremy] Sieverts, all eyes were on him and that just makes it easier for the other guys. I guess we’ve just come to expect stuff like that form him. He’s done it so frequently throughout the years. We’re going to need him to make plays like that again this weekend. He’s got another tough assignment. We’ve just got to make sure that everyone else stays involved and we don’t get caught watching this one-on-one matchup. It all begins there, but we’ve got to get other guys involved to be able to create offense.”

On the team coming together this season
“We’ve got a lot of the same pieces that we’ve had for the last two or three years. Obviously we added Grant to the mix in place of [former Outlaw Brendan] Mundorf. Sieverts, [midfielder Drew] Snider, [midfielder Justin] Pennington, [attackman Eric] Law, [attackman Chris] Bocklet—they’ve been around a couple of years.  There wasn’t an entirely new cast. I think what a lot of people forget is we finished pretty high in the standings the last few years and some of these teams—I’m thinking Ohio and Rochester—they’ve been on the other side of it, the other end of the ladder. They’ve had really, really good drafts. My point is that everyone has gotten better. We think we’re better [than last year] right now, but obviously Rochester and Ohio in particular have had wonderful seasons with a lot of great, young guys they recently drafted. The league is getting seriously competitive. We’re just happy that we got ourselves where we are, because it wasn’t easy.”


On how he is approaching his fifth MLL Championship appearance
“I don’t think about the past. I don’t think about the future. I really am just focused on this weekend’s game. I’ve got a couple of games I’m kind of dealing with up here [in Canada], but I’m focused solely on the Rattlers and what my matchup is going to be. Like [Rattlers Head Coach Tim Soudan] ‘Soudo’ said, it’s no surprise who I am going to be playing. So I’m focusing on what I need to do to help my team win. I know each and every guy on the Outlaws is going the same thing right now.  It’s a unique opportunity this year with the new setup where you have a week to prepare, as opposed to sometimes less than 24 hours. I think you’re going to have a better Championship game than you have in the past just due to the fact that you’re going to see two fresh teams that are fully prepared and ready to battle.”

On his season in Denver playing for the Outlaws
“It’s been awesome. [General Manager Tony] Seaman and [Head Coach] B.J. [O’Hara] really wanted to get me—for obvious reasons, my experience. I’ve played for B.J. before, I won my first MLL Championship with the Rattlers under B.J.’s tutelage. So we’ve got experience and he knows the strength of my game and the weakness of my game. I felt more like me this summer just being able to play the kind of game that I’m accustomed to playing in. B.J. allowing me to do that has been kind of refreshing for me. I never wanted to come in and take over or anything like that. We have similar philosophies and the team welcomed me with open arms. It’s been a great season and I’m hoping we can finish it off or it won’t really matter.”

On working with some of the younger Denver Outlaws
“It’s been a fairly seamless transition. I’m pretty predictable in what I do—I’m mostly a draw-and-dump guy from behind. The benefit I have is I throw the ball to these shooters and they put the ball in the net at a pretty high clip. If you look at the shooting percentages, they’re all remarkably high—some of the highest. I think [attackman Eric] Law is at 50 percent. It makes my job pretty easy to feed to guys that put the ball in the net that frequently. So it’s been a blessing for me to be able to hit snipers like that. I’ve been fortunate enough at times to get myself—teams aren’t able to fly as easily as they had before because you can’t leave your assignment or you’re going to get the ball scooped into the back of the net. We’ve got a pretty potent offense here in the Mile High City, I’m just very fortunate to be part of it.”

On facing the Rochester Rattlers for the third time this season
“Obviously we’re going to see their best. They’ve got a great coaching staff over there and they’ve got an excellent team—there are no weaknesses. Like I said, travel isn’t—Coach Soudan hit the nail on the head—this league is tough. You don’t get to get in there three days before and settle in. Sometimes guys are coming from the airport and throwing their gear on and playing. There is a lot of stuff that goes on. I know it’s tough getting out there to the west coast, so that’s our advantage out there. Equally, we had some challenges ourselves up in Rochester. I know a lot of guys struggled in travel. I know myself, I played three games in four games. It’s going to be hopefully just two teams going out there and trying to execute their game plan. I think the team that executes the most effectively is probably going to lift the title. That’s what we’re both going out to do—is try to execute.”

On it seeming like he and the team are playing their best ball together at this point of the season
“That’s kind of what you hope for—right? I know Denver in the past has had some perfect seasons. Sometimes you need to win ugly and sometimes you need to lose ugly to really get an idea of what your team has inside. When you win so easily throughout the year, once you kind of hit a wall or hit some obstacle, it’s hard to figure out how to navigate around or over it. We’ve hit the gamut this year as far as getting blown out, blowing teams out and winning nail biters. We’ve experienced every aspect that we’ve needed to. Now it truly is just doing your absolute best to put your time in, do your homework, and show up in Atlanta and put it on them. I know they’re going to do the same thing. It’s purely it’s a one-game take all. Whoever can kind of just put it together and seriously just execute the game plan. We all know what we need to do. They’re going the same thing over there. It’s just time to put it all on the line. You play for one game and you’ve got 60 minutes to do it. Hopefully that’s us, but I’m sure they’re thinking the same thing.”

On if he approaches the Championship any differently from other games
“I don’t necessarily think that. I try to play every game like it’s a Championship. That’s kind of how I have to be at my age. If I take one game off it could be ugly and it could be my last. I play every one that way and I think that’s the mentality I’ve always had. To me, the championship game is the same as the third game of the season. I go out and I try to play like it’s my very last game. That’s just the way I’ve told and kind of tried to help the younger guys along. If you play every game like it’s the championship game, then the championship game is just another game. That’s what I’m trying to say—go out, execute your game plan, and have fun. You’re getting to do something you love doing and there’s no need to put any added pressure on it. I know there is going to be some [added pressure] and some of the younger guys are going to feel the jitters, but truly it’s the same thing you’ve done in preseason and the same thing you played in May. You’ve just got to go out and play.”

On having a week to prepare between the semifinal games and Championship now

“I think in the past and even last year it helped me because I’m so used to playing so many games in the summer. The team that we [used to] play in the Championship would be tired from the day before. But I’m coming up against a pretty big dude who has got a week off. I played Tuesday and I play again Thursday. I think for me, playing more seems to help me. Weeks off and longs period off, my body seems to fold up on me. So I need to keep playing for me to stay fresh. That seems to be some uncanny way for me to continue to do this thing. Like I said, I’m focused on my game Thursday and as soon as that thing is over at 9:30-10, then it’s purely time to get focused on the field game. I’ve been able to do this for a long time—to compartmentalize the two—hopefully everything works out.”

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Denver Outlaws 2014 MLL Championship Notes

The Denver Outlaws’ 2014 MLL Championship notes are now available for downloadfrom the team website or by clicking the image below. The 111-page release includes game information, statistical charts, notes of interest, playoff notes and statistics, team rosters, player/coach biographies, and boxscores leading up to Denver’s fifth MLL Championship appearance. Denver takes on the Rochester Rattlers with the Steinfeld Cup on the line this Saturday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m. EDT at Fifth Third Bank Stadium in Kennesaw, Ga. 

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MLL Semifinal Postgame Quotes - Denver 14, New York 13

Denver Outlaws Attackman Chris Bocklet

On playing New York a second time and what was different this time
“I think we just cleaned it up a little bit. We made some mistakes in the first half, but we tightened it up. It was just going back and forth. We knew it was going to come down to the end. Luckily our defense--like they’ve been doing all year--made two big stops and gave the offense a second chance, and we buried it, which was an awesome feeling. We made another stop and that was it. It was good.”

On how it feels to be headed back to the MLL Championship
“I’m excited. There’s been something special about this year. Guys have really been coming together. We’re doing it for a lot of different people. We’re just excited to be there. That’s where we want to be. Now we just have one more goal."

On going to the championship with his brother Matt Bocklet
“Definitely. I’ve always wanted to win a championship with him. I couldn’t imagine anything better than that, so that’s kind of one of the things I play for, and playing for the team, the coaches and everyone who works in this organization. It’s going to be fun, and it’s going to be tough work. But we’re ready.”

On overcoming injuries
“I’m just happy to be out there. I’ve never really sat out as many games as I have this season. It definitely gets frustrating, but I’m just happy to be out there and helping the team in any way I can. I’ve been happy to be back."

Chris Bocklet celebrating one of his three goals

Denver Outlaws Midfielder Jeremy Sieverts

On what can be improved for the MLL Championship
“I think we can improve and play better on our defensive transition. If we do that, I think it’ll make our lives a little bit easier. [Goalie] Jesse [Schwartzman] played great in the goal. We had some great efforts. We just need to keep trying to get assisted goal. That’s the key for us. If we can stay out of the trap, we’ll be all right."

On how the game-winning goal happened
“I set a pick away from the ball and kind of curled to the ball. I didn’t think he was going to have any way to get it to me, but John Grant, Jr. being John Grant, Jr., got it to me. It was an open goal. Just make sure you catch that one and put it away. We had a great effort from our defense—all the credit in the world to Dillon [Roy], Matt Bocklet, Mike Simon, and Schwartzman—they were phenomenal today."

On, after leading by three goals, if there was any sinking feeling when the Lizards tied it up
“We know better than to think that if we’re up by two or three that the game is over. With the talent in this league and the two-point line, teams are never out of it. We just had to buckle down and stay the course. I think we knew they had an injured defense and were getting tired. We needed to continue to attack and find the right matchups. We grinded it out. It’s a sixty minute game and at the end of sixty minutes, we were up a goal. That’s all we need. Phenomenal crowd here today. It’s pretty awesome—an awesome win for Denver, for the Outlaws and for all of us who have worked so hard. It’s just great."

Jeremy Sieverts celebrating his game-winning goal to send the Outlaws to the MLL Championship

Infographic 8/16- Semifinal Playoff Game

MLL Semifinal Post-Game Interviews

Saturday, August 16, 2014


DENVER – Jeremy Sieverts scored the game-winning goal with just over a minute left as the Denver Outlaws topped the New York Lizards 14-13 Saturday afternoon at the University of Denver’s Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium to earn a trip to the 2014 MLL Championship Game.

Denver will face the Rochester Rattlers in a rematch of the 2008 MLL Championship. In 2008 the Rattlers, then coached by current Denver Head Coach B.J. O’Hara, beat the Outlaws 16-6 at Harvard Stadium in Boston.

The 2014 MLL Championship will be held at Fifth Third Bank Stadium in Kennesaw, Ga. next Saturday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m. EDT. It will be the Outlaws’ fifth appearance in the game, and a win would be the team’s first MLL Championship Title.

“Phenomenal crowd here today. It’s pretty awesome—an awesome win for Denver, for the Outlaws and for all of us who have worked so hard. It’s just great,” said Jeremy Sieverts after his game-winning goal and the team victory.

For the first time in team history, the Denver Outlaws wore orange jerseys in a game, matching the 2,488 fans—a sellout crowd—that dressed in orange for the Outlaws’ #OrangeOut.

Denver jumped out to a 4-1 lead behind goals from Sieverts, Drew Snider, Chris Bocklet, and Zack Greer. New York scored two quick ones towards the end of the half to cut Denver’s lead to 4-3 after the first quarter of play.

It was back-and-forth action in the second quarter, as the two teams combined for a total of nine goals. Seven different Outlaws scored in the first half, and the teams went to the locker room at halftime all tied up at 8-8.

John Grant Jr. and Chris Bocklet added goals in the third quarter to complete hat tricks on the night, and both the Outlaws and the Lizards netted four third-quarter goals to remain tied after three periods of play.

New York’s Tommy Palasek netted a goal four minutes, 15 seconds in the fourth quarter to give the Lizards a 13-12 lead. Snider answered just one minute, 21 seconds later from just inside the two-point arc, tying it up at 13-13.  

Junior found a dodging Sieverts in front of the goal to put the Outlaws up 14-13 with one minute, 16 second left in the game.

“I set a pick away from the ball and kind of curled to the ball,” said Sieverts. “I didn’t think he was going to have any way to get it to me, but John Grant Jr. being John Grant Jr., got it to me.”

After missing the last two games due to injury, Anthony Kelly came up big in the team’s semifinal game, winning final faceoff that allowed the Outlaws to hold the ball and run out the clock to secure their semifinal victory and a trip to the MLL Championship.

Junior finished the night with four goals, three assists and a career postseason-high seven points. It will be Junior’s fifth MLL Championship game, and the MLL veteran has four championship wins on his resume.

Kelly finished the night 8-of-17 (.471) and combined with rookie Brent Hiken to go 14-31(.452) against 2014 FOGO of the Year Greg Gurnelian. Goalie Jesse Schwartzman had 10 saves on the night.

Live Blog: Denver vs New York, Aug. 16 - 3:30 p.m. MDT

The Outlaws will be live blogging this afternoon's semifinals game against the New York Lizards. The game starts at 3:30 p.m. MT and can be watched live on CBS Sports Network.

The winner will travel to Kennesaw, Ga. for the 2014 Championship Game at Fifth Third Bank Stadium on Aug. 23.

1st quarter:
Anthony Kelly wins the face off, we're underway
Jeremy Sieverts fired one in, 1-0 Denver
New York's Ned Crotty scores, tied at 1-1
Drew Snider gets one in, Denver up 2-1
Chris Bocklet scores on the one timer from Eric Law, 3-1 Denver
Zack Greer maneuvers his way to the crease with some fancy footwork, 4-1 Denver
New York's Tommy Palasek finds net, 4-2 Denver
New York's Max Seibald goes through the five-hole, 4-3 Denver
End of first quarter: Denver 4, New York 3

2nd quarter:

John Grant Jr. scores after foul, 5-3 Denver
New York's Rob Pannell scores unassisted goal, 5-4 Denver
John Grant Jr. scores his second of the game. That's his 20th post-season goal, 6-4 Denver
New York's Matt Gibson scores unassisted goal, 6-5 Denver
Cam Holding fires one in from close on assist from Grant, 7-5 Denver
New York's Kevin Unterstein answers with a goal, 7-6 Denver
New York's Kevin Unterstein ties it up at 7-7
Jeremy Noble feeds Eric Law for the goal, 8-7 Denver
New York's Tommy Palasek ties it up, 8-8
Sieverts one minute in the penalty box

End of half: Denver 8, New York 8

3rd quarter:
John Grant Jr. completes the hat trick with a behind-the-back goal, 9-8 Denver
Chris Bocklet with his second goal of the game, 10-8 Denver
New York's Max Seibald gets one back, Denver up 10-9
John Grant Jr. again! Denver up, 11-9
Pannell with the Lizards goal. 11-10 Denver
John Austin nets one for the Lizards and we're all tied up 11-11 with 2:31 to go in the 3rd Q. 
Lizards take a 12-11 lead on a JoJo Marasco goal. 
Hat trick for Chris Bocklet. 12-12

4th quarter:
NY's Palasek sneaks one by, Lizards lead 13-12.
Snider scores on a dish from Junior 13-13
HUGE groundball pickup by Justin Pennington, Denver will have the ball with 1:53 left
Sieverts scores on an incredible assist by Junior to give Denver a 14-13 lead
FINAL: 14-13 Outlaws win and secure fifth MLL Championship berth

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Playoff Tickets on Sale Now

Purchase online before Saturday, Outlaws expecting sell-out crowd at DU

Pioneers turned Outlaws return to DU

DENVER — The last time Denver Outlaws defenseman Dillon Roy played a game at the University of Denver’s Barton Lacrosse Stadium he scored a goal, dished for an assist and won four face offs to help the Pioneers roll to a win.  In attackman Eric Law’s last home game as a Pioneer, he netted four goals to lead Denver to a win in the first round of the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

On Saturday, Roy, Law and two other Outlaws will return to their former home field. Attackman Cam Flint and midfielder Jeremy Noble also all graduated from the University of Denver and played lacrosse for the Pioneers.

Due to a conflict with the Denver Broncos preseason schedule, the Outlaws will host their first ever home playoff game at Barton Lacrosse Stadium, the only dedicated lacrosse stadium in the country.

Despite playing away from the team’s usual home field, Roy is looking forward to returning to a place he’s spent a lot of time.

“It’s almost like a double home advantage for a lot of us DU guys that are familiar with that turf,” Roy said. “We have a lot of good memories there so I think that’s definitely going to pay dividends at the end of the day.”

In four years at Denver, Roy played in 62 games, scooped up 195 ground balls and caused 82 turnovers. The Denver native also won 94-of-189 face offs during his time there.

Roy finished his college career in 2010 before joining the Outlaws, graduating just before having the chance to play with future Outlaw teammates Law, Flint and Noble who were all a part of the 2011 team that led the Pioneers to their first Final Four.

Law transferred to DU after playing his freshman year at Salisbury University. In three seasons with the Pioneers Law scored 86 goals and tallied 66 assists. He left the program ranking sixth in points and fourth in assists. 

In his last college game on his home turf he scored four goals and collected an assist to help Denver down Albany and advance to the quarterfinals.

“Walking off that field for the last time was kind of a weird feeling knowing that you’re not going to be able to play there again,” Law said. “But having this second chance to go back there and play again in a playoff game is going to be awesome.”

Barton Lacrosse Stadium opened in 2005 and since then the Pioneers have won their conference eight times and appeared in four NCAA Tournament Final Fours.

The Outlaws are hoping the field brings good luck to all Denver teams.

The stadium seats 2,000 people but attendance has broken 2,700 on two occasions.

“The general feeling that I get from being over at DU, it just kind of takes you back to your old stomping grounds and where you mastered you’re craft,” Roy said. “It’s definitely (going to be) a nostalgic experience going back there.”