Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Transcript: Stagnitta Weekly Conference Call

Below is a transcript from Denver Outlaws Head Coach Jim Stagnitta’s Week 6 MLL Media Conference Call on Wednesday, May 29. The Outlaws’ Week 6 game notes can be downloaded from the team website.

Click here to listen to the audio from the call.

Head Coach Jim Stagnitta

On whether the Outlaws can continue to play the way they have to start the season
“I hope you’ll see better. Last weekend, I thought that we did a really nice job of being consistent throughout the game. I think it was our first time this year we played consistently for multiple quarters without having any real lapses. I think that has to do with the fact that it was game four and we are getting more accustomed to playing with each other. But again, I think that our best days are in front of us and I expect us to continue to improve and become more comfortable and in sync each week.”

On whether any of the college draftees will join the team this week
“We really would love to have (defenseman Brian) Megill in the lineup, but I think you guys saw this weekend, he got a little dinged up towards the end. He is a tough kid. He plays with unbelievable intensity. We are going to give him a week off to kind of rest and heal up. I think (midfielder Eric) Law has a shot at seeing some time for us. He’s a (University of) Denver guy and we’re out in Denver for two weekends straight. He is going to have an opportunity to work out with us and we’ll kind of see where he might fit. There is an opportunity for him in our lineup. (Defenseman) roger Ferguson did a nice job for us in his first game out. He’s athletic, he’s good off the ground and he plays good one-on-one defense. You are probably going to see a little bit of him this weekend in the lineup.”

On whether this week’s game against Boston could be a “trap game”
“Someone told me yesterday that we have never beat Boston in Denver. There is history – and we have enough veteran leadership – our guys understand the quality of (the Cannons). I don’t think you could ever look at a Boston-Denver game and think it would be a trap game for either team. No, I don’t see that coming into play at all. Particularly with the fact that they beat the Bayhawks two weeks ago. Certainly they are going to have our full attention.”

On the possibility of sweeping the season series with the Cannons early in the year
“Well, I think it’s a great opportunity for us. But, there are tradeoffs with that too. We are going to play a very talented Bayhawks team twice down the stretch, and you play a very talented (New York) team twice down the stretch. I think it all balances out in the end. I’ve said it over and over again – I don’t think there is an easy weekend in this league. Everybody has good players. Obviously it’d be nice to have two wins over Boston early in the year – it beats the alternative. We’re a week-to-week team. We take what’s in front of us and whoever it is, we are going to prepare regardless and as I said, every game is important early in the season. If you can get out to a good start before everybody gets their guys and hits their stride, I think it goes a long way into getting you to that final four weekend.”

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